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Grov was born and raised in the North Manchester district of Harpurhey, a classic 1960’s and 70’s Northern upbringing, bereft of luxury and mostly even necessities. His education was one of survival, and survival, being the only thing he did well in, cloaked his upbringing with its gritty tenacity.

Poorly educated, he wangled a job as an apprentice Engineer for a huge Electronic Engineering company,  managing (not sure how) to serve his time and became a so called “skilled man.” Unfortunately this was 1983 and the Falklands war broke out, Grov was horrified to find out the company he was working for were making parts for the Navy to use on defenceless citizens. Arduously making parts to a tolerance of two thousandths of an inch only to be used to blow people to smithereens didn’t sit well with him. Within two weeks of this realisation he was in Paris in a cheaply converted Ford Transit van, busking for lunch, skinny, wide eyed, and hungry for all new experiences he drifted through France and settled in Turin in Italy for a while.

Travel was now in his blood so to speak, and became the precursor of most of his songs and poems. He tried his hand at a variety of jobs from lorry driver to milkman, unable to really settle in the country which had been the only one he had known for twenty years, and the restless soul with itchy feet was soon across the water again

Eventually the necessity to pay bills, support a new family and commit himself to the band he had formed named Asia Fields clipped the wings of hedonistic adventure, at least for a while anyway. Asia Fields had moderate success themselves, releasing singles, an album and touring intensely throughout the late 80s and early 90s before finally parting ways in 2000 after sixteen creative, yet often fraught years together.

Today Grov is in his 18th year working with people with learning difficulties; he has studied Aikido for twenty years to black belt standard and has an international diploma in massage and aromatherapy. The study of energy, universal principles, and the ongoing research into the purpose of the human incarnation has certainly shown its results in his first novel “We are waking up”

More of his observational lyrics can be found in the songs of his current band “The Homelys”

You can find out about his other book, We Are Waking Up at

PETE WILKYme in brighton

In 1967 the earlier mod scene was transforming into the Psychedelic era and in a cold, damp corner of Greater Manchester a pregnant mother was delivering a small, curious child … a different kind of child!

I am Pete Wilky, born in July 1967 and I am the youngest of four kids. I hated school because school hated me but I have self-educated myself all of my life and am fortunate enough to be of above average intelligence … even though I was expelled from school aged 15! Don’t ever confuse education with intelligence … just look at the world of politics if you don’t know what I’m getting at! Politicians are all highly educated but haven’t got the first scrap of common-sense … whereby I taught myself on the tough streets of Heywood.

I started running pubs when I was 18 year old and was a publican for 20 years before calling time … but running the pubs made me a quite popular person and brought me out of the ‘shell’ I’d spent a lonely childhood in. people liked me and I liked that. People fascinate me and people-watching (or observational psychology as I like to call it) is one of my fave pastimes … we can see so much in a person purely by body language and demeanour and I have used this principle to determine who I do and don’t want in my life. I like those people who stand out from the crowd without having to try, I like those who are genuinely and real and honest … and I fucking despise liars, bullshitters, fakes and fools!!

Yes I am different… but I am only different because I put effort into being who I am … despite the criticisms of other I have remained true to myself … I don’t think I am anyone other than who I truly am …. Pete Wilky!!