Find below some excerpts from the book The Difference We Make


Toby Marriott speaks exclusively to Pete Wilky.

Your father is still globally recognised and idolised by millions of people even today. How does that make you feel and are you happy for his memory to be kept alive by the wider public?

“Yes. It definitely makes us all in the family happy. As an artist I feel all you really want at the end of the day is to leave some sort of legacy, especially him, he didn’t do anything musically for money except for the last album he did which he just needed some cash for a houseboat. To be remembered 20 plus years after your death is a great accomplishment!”

Was learning to be a musician and performer a natural thing for you and when (at what age) did you discover your own musical talents?

“Yes, it was very natural, although ironically I didn’t learn how to play until several months before Dad’s death. He was very impatient when it came to teaching anything, so I took it upon myself to learn.”


Paul Heaton interview:

Grov and I went down to the Kings Arms in Salford to interview Paul Heaton. Paul and a few partners had taken over the lease on the pub months earlier and Paul is often seen there milling about amongst his customers. The pub holds regular music and poetry events and has a small theatre upstairs and a traditional bar area downstairs. Nothing gilt or flash just a good honest boozer and in all honesty Paul is a good honest bloke! Very grounded and down to earth, very open and communicative. Also very passionate about his beliefs and convictions … it is for those reasons that we personally wanted Paul’s contribution in this book. His honesty impresses us!

He obligingly gave up a couple of hours of his time to sit for the interview and as we sat around one of the tables in his main bar area it reminded me of my days as a publican, sitting and chatting, putting the world to rights over a nice beer. We were just three mates sat having a chat.

We asked Paul about his musical and lyrical influences whilst he was growing up?! He said

“As a kid growing with only the radio, my parents had very few records, beyond the occasional movie-soundtrack like West Side Story and Gilbert & Sullivan shows. I started to listen to my own music with my brother. He was sixteen and I was about fourteen in 1976. We were listening to Radio Luxemburg and John Peel and it was round about then that we started to listen to some Punk stuff which I liked”

We then asked him about when he started to write his own lyrics and he told us

“I started writing lyrics almost before I started listening to music, usually on my exercise books at school. Much to the annoyance of my teachers!” a wry grin appearing above his distinctive cleft-chin, he goes on to say “I never really did much work at school. I preferred to write my own short-stories and stupid poems … in fact I’ve still got them all!”


Ben Stewart Interview:

Born January 14, 1983 in Seattle, Washington, is a musician, filmmaker and public speaker. He is best known for his three independently released documentary films Esoteric Agenda (2008), Kymatica (2009), and Ungrip (2011). Along with the films, Ben is singer/songwriter for the alternative rock group Hierosonic. The full scope of Ben’s work with the films and the band has been called the ‘Mecca for all artists and revolutionaries’, regarding how his artwork ranges from revealing global conspiracy to examining the depths of consciousness.

Ben’s appearance on the 2003 Lollapalooza Music Festival with Hierosonic was pivotal in his outlook at the music industry. This ultimately led to the years of research in all fields which led to his first film, Esoteric Agenda. Less than a year after this free online documentary grew international roots, he then decided to produce a follow up film. Kymatica was released in 2009 and went on to win ‘Best Scientific Film’ in the 2009 New York Independent Film Festival.

With notable public mentions such as Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5, Anthony Burulcich of The Bravery, Alex Jones (Prison Planet / Info Wars), and Best Selling author Dr Bruce Lipton, the music and films have sent a ‘call to action’ to all artists. Jared Gomez of Billboard artist He’d (PE) gave a shout out to Esoteric Agenda at the end of the single ‘Stay Ready’. In 2010, Ben Co-produced the single ‘Love or Illusion’ with hip-hop group BXC in Chris ‘Ludicrous’ Bridges home studio with his long-time producer Josh ‘Igloo’ Monroy.

As an Army brat, Ben moved with his family in and out of the country before high school. Since then, he has toured nationally with the band several times. At age 17 he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a crew chief on the C-130 aircraft. At the 193rd Air Guard unit in Central Pennsylvania, Ben mobilized for real world operations including Operation Enduring Freedom in March of 2003. After completing his six year enlistment, he began his solo world travels to South America, Australia, Canada and Europe for speaking tours as well as vision quests with native tribes in the Amazon rain forest, North American native reservations, and through Australia. Documenting every step of the way, all of his travels developed his thirst for knowledge, experience and art.

‘All systems of government, much like the human mind, do not corrupt but become riddled. The trick is not to call the riddle a defect and then condemn it, but to explore it, experience it, embrace it, and eventually outgrow it like an old pair of shoes. That’s how an artist approaches a bump in the road. Lord help us if we lose sight of the importance of art culture.’ says Ben.

Here are Ben’s answers to the two questions

1. The main controlling force behind the drama across the planet is an aspect of our very own intelligence, albeit a subtle yet supreme aspect. In the same way that a human body has many organs, many

Systems, and many functions that are all overseen by our individual supreme intelligence, so have the earth and all its inhabitants a similar intelligence on a larger cosmic scale. Trillions of cells make up the living tissues of our body just as billions of people make up the species of humanity. Each of our cells are independent and individual to the extent that they are uniquely mobile and can be called to action over and above a similar cell simply because it was in the right place at the right time. People may think that because their appearance is different and mobility is unique to them that they are separate. However we are wholly unaware of the underlying driving force of our consciousness, save perhaps a yogi or shaman whose life’s intention is to understand this aspect of intelligence.

Therefore, the driving force of the dramas on the planet has the topical illusion of a separate elite faction, which is true. However, at the core of our intelligence as well as that of the elite cabal, an

Inner drama is being performed. There is a sleepiness of mind that is begging to be awoken. Due to our unwillingness to seek this awakened state independently, an opposing elite faction of our consciousness

Must impose a catalyst to do the trick. Our failing recently is in our acquiescence to any authority as long as our comfort and sleepiness is not threatened. The very fact that we ignore the elite cabal of our own mind is why we consistently point the finger away from ourselves and find some shadowy, unknown, and unbeatable force as our oppressor.

2. To bring an end to the tyranny we are experiencing as humankind is as simple as diving deep into our own understanding of what we think freedom and slavery truly are. Anyone who truly explores the depths

Of these words within them will find that both are intimately dependent upon our manner of perceiving our own life. Firstly, this will bring the mind to recognize that you are neither enslaved nor

Liberated by the game of life any more than you are enslaved or liberated by a game of chess. You have the liberty to leave the game at any time, but that’s not the point. Likewise, you may feel enslaved by the game, but that won’t improve the game. In fact, the feeling of slavery will make a potentially pleasant and exciting game into a form of torture.

The purpose of the game is neither to free ourselves or enslave ourselves by the game but to transcend both. Transcending freedom and slavery reveals a hidden truth within life that can scarcely be put into words. At the risk of placing finite words around an infinite source, the purpose of this game is the empowerment of others by developing that power within you, in love, in truth, inseparable.