The Book

The Difference We Make is a straight-talking, no-nonsense view of the world we all inhabit! It deals with the abuse of power, the corruption of authorities and corporations and the attitudes of those of us who actually care about this planet.

Music has historically been the voice of protest for many causes but it has sadly been diluted by a corporate music industry recently. We cover the history of the Mod, Punk, Indie etc. We speak to many musicians from the 1960′s to present who have provided the soundtrack of our youth, individualism and independence. Interviews in the book include:

  • Kenney Jones – Small Faces drummer
  • Family of Steve Marriott – Small Faces front-man
  • Glen Matlock – original bassist of the Sex Pistol’s
  • Darron J Connett – The Last of the Troubadours front-man
  • Paul Heaton, front-man of the Housemartins/Beautiful South
  • Tim Booth – James front-man
  • Clint Boon – Inspiral Carpets founder and member/XFM prime-time DJ
  • Gary Shail – ‘Spider’ in Quadrophenia
  • John Hellier – one of Britain’s leading Mod authors and event organizers.
  • Plus many more unique profiles of some seriously cool people from the British Mod scene and the scooter scene!

There is poetry, exclusive pictures, and we conclude with an interesting section on the unreported global-awakening which is happening all around the globe, right now, including contributions by some of the world’s leading authors, writers and journalists! If you don’t know about this awakening then this book might promote some thought. We do not beat our chests or bang our drums – we merely show you where to look without telling you what to see. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but… Life after all is all about making a difference and the difference we make as individuals – isn’t it?


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